Prestige Song of The South

Prestige Song of The South

Normally, people look for amenities while searching a home. in this regard, prestige song of the south is an definitive destination for those who want to lead their life in extravagance. Almost all housing facilities are accessible here with some extra amenities that would make your living extraordinary. Every flat is well furnished with services that one needs in day to day life. Kitchen, bedrooms, living room and balconies are well built with further space to give you a lavish involvement. All rooms are well associated to each other with good bathroom services in the flat. For proper air circulation, windows are exactly provided at perfect locations. Your morning will be charming when you will have a view of extensive green gardens covering all the non-construction land.

Prestige Song of The South Master Plan


Prestige Song of The South Floor Plan

Prestige Song of the South – Sq.ft Size

Unit Type Size (Sqft)
1 BHK 644 Sqft
1 BHK 967 Sqft
2 BHK 1197 Sqft
2 BHK 1241 Sqft
2.5 BHK 1358 Sqft
2.5 BHK 1376 Sqft
3 BHK 1583 Sqft
3 BHK 1634 Sqft
3.5 BHK 1902 Sqft
3.5 BHK 1933 Sqft
4 BHK 2462 Sqft
4 BHK 2467 Sqft

Prestige Song of The South Contact

Call : 8553159202


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